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Elementary School Dress Standards
Students whould wear clothing that is clean and suitable for school activities, keeping in mind weather conditions and good taste. Shoes must be worn at all times. Pants are to be worn at the waist and fastened securely.

The following are not to be worn at school:

* Halter-tops, tank tops, fishnet tops, and midriff blouses
* Excessively large or baggy clothing
* Tops and dress with spaghetti straps
* Muscle shirts
* Shirts that advertise alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
* Short shorts and skirts (Your index finger should touch the hem of the shorts or skirt.)
* Shorts covered by a full-length shirt
* Bicycle pants or shorts
* Clothing with open holes above the knee
* Clothing that is suggestive, advocates disobedience to society or causes a possible disruption to school
* Clothing or attire with statements or symbols which might be deemed offensive to otehrs, violent or of a threatening nature
* Shoes with cleats and/or wheels (heelys)
* Hardware chains
* Caps, hats, visors, any other headgear, and sunglasses